Welcome to Phở Saigon in Rocklin

Welcome to Phở Saigon in Rocklin

We serve authentic and delicious Vietnamese dishes.


We serve a variety of egg rolls, spring rolls, calamari, crepes and chicken wings


Savor any of our wide assortment of rice dishes.


Enjoy our variety of Bánh Mì, ranging from Ham, Pork, Chicken, Beef and Fish Cake


We have a large selection of soup including Beef, Chicken, Pork, Seafood, Vegetable and Porridges

Guest Testimonials

"Best pho within 20 miles and its not even close. Perfect broth. Amazing short ribs. You can tell they use very fresh ingredients. All the other broth in the area has a funky skunk to it like they use old beef. This place is the best in the area. Ive been to them all."

Peter M.


"We ordered potstickers, a bowl of wonton pho, dac biet pho, shrimp and beef spring rolls, and a Korean rib rice plate. My daughter liked the fried potstickers that we ordered a second serving. I was told that the restaurant came under new management some five months ago. The place kept it's tidy interior and the tables felt new. We enjoyed our lunch here. Our food is carefully prepared and the server was especially helpful."

Carlo L.


"NEW OWNERS SINCE NOVEMBER 2022! My bestie and I are from San Jose, land of the Vietnamese. We vouch for this bun bo hue! I did not like the pho broth, however. Back to the bun bo hue- 1 portion can feed 2 people. I always take half home. $14 if you pay cash. There’s like 5 meats in there- sliced brisket, pork bone, beef meatball, pork meatball, cha lua. NOM DROOLS pls frequent them so I can have this home cooked style food nearby."

Thuy N.

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